Employee Spotlight: Tyler Johnson Assoc. AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Tyler has been with Harriman for five and a half years as a Project Manager, Architect. He has over ten years of experience designing for healthcare, educational, laboratory, commercial, and government clients.   His has experience covers all aspects of the design and technical development of a project ranging from initial programming and concept design, to contract documents, and continuing through construction administration.

Six years ago, Tyler co-founded the Portland Chapter of ACE Mentoring Program of Maine and for the past four years has served as Chairman.  ACE is a national program that is made up of Architects, Engineers, and Contractors that volunteer to mentor high school students and inspire them to pursue careers in the architecture, construction, and engineering (ACE) fields.  The students work with mentors on team design projects, gain firsthand exposure to the industry, and have the chance to be awarded scholarships to help them pursue further education. Students in the Portland area have designed zombie apocalypse shelters, tested pasta bridges, toured construction sites, built brick walls, and many more creative projects.

Favorite Discipline: Tyler enjoys working on a variety of projects but particularly enjoys the challenges of working on Healthcare projects because of the careful coordination that’s required between many disciplines.  It is a fun challenge to create an appealing, healthy, and safe space for patients and staff with all of the restrictions, regulations, and requirements in the healthcare industry.

Why architecture? Tyler’s inspiration for architecture comes from his father who was a mason. From a young age, Tyler was working alongside his father mixing concrete and carrying around bricks. Although fascinated by construction, Tyler decided he didn’t want to carry around bricks, especially after seeing the toll it took on his father. His first real exposure to architecture was through his high school drafting class and from there he was hooked.

Architectural Goal: Tyler wants to use his architectural skills to design buildings that will last.  Many of the buildings he sees that have been built recently are designed for a very specific purpose, such as strip malls and big box stores. When these places relocate or go out of business, the buildings cannot easily be reused since they were designed in a very specific and cost effective way. By designing buildings with more flexibility and materials that will last, the buildings can be reused for different purposes when the initial use is no longer supported by the economics or desires of the neighborhood.

Spotted: When Tyler isn’t in the Portland office or mentoring ACE students, you can find him grilling on his back deck with his wife and friends enjoying life.